Leather Soho Slouch Tote

Welcome to Ommi Bags! This is a site for advertising my home-sewn leather slouchy tote bags. I’m drawn to this style because it is the perfect mix of urban cowgirl and hippie! Each bag is an original from my home to yours at a reasonable price.

For most of my adult life I’ve been a frustrated artist searching for my medium. I’ve tried oil painting, pottery, knitting, glass blowing, making an ottoman out of a palette, glass tile back splashes….for the past 5 years I’ve been developing a love for sewing. I’m a self-taught seamstress although my mother and grandmother dabbled in sewing and crafting. Perhaps it’s in my genes;) My sewing projects over the years included quilts, little girl dresses, little girl purses, pillows, and Halloween costumes for my two little boys.

I’m super excited to launch this little side business because it provides me with a productive outlet to express all of my creative energy.  I have the opportunity to combine my favorite craft of sewing but throwing in the rough edginess of working with leather. How fun is that?

I have to give credit to my friend Jen Ongchin who inspired me with her encouragement and craftiness as well as the the  website http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2014/08/make-your-own-leather-soho-slouch-tote.html that gave me the idea to start making and selling bags myself. (The bag pictured above is from that site.) I’ve make a few alterations to the pattern, added a modern print liner with pocket, lined the straps, and added a magnet button closure.

These are a few of the practice bags that I’ve made so far. I’m ordering a new sewing machine for leather work and am enjoying shopping for leather hides. I can’t wait to have a workroom full of leather hides hanging from the ceiling. That’s completely normal right? In the next two weeks I hope to be making bags and have them listed on Etsy. Just in time for holiday shopping… stay tuned.





The name Ommi bags comes from my son Nico. When he was 2 he would leave off the beginning sounds of words. Instead of “mommy” I was “ommy”. It sounds like a combination of my name Amy with Mommy. I love my sons and my husband to death. Every day with my family is a blessing and I am so proud to be a mother to the two most wonderful boys in the world. (Don’t mean to brag but I’m sure all the other moms out there totally understand.) Naming this company Ommi is a dedication to my family. I wouldn’t be the happy, creative, fulfilled, confident, person I am today without them in my life.